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Just for the record, I've noticed the newest order from Penzeys has bottles dated into 2020. Their

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catalog used to say up to two years, if I remember correctly and I think whole spices such as allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, star anise and such have an even longer shelf life. However, ground ginger loses it's aroma really quickly. Sometimes, if using an herb I know is older than that, I use extra, up to twice as much, depending upon what I'm putting it in.

I will laughingly tell you that if you discard something, you will soon pick up a recipe that calls for it. That has happened to me with other things also. I can have something sitting around never touched except to pack and unpack in a new location. Then I decide I should get rid of it and soon wish I hadn't. I think it's part of Murphy's law.

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