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Hi M. Half sheet = 12x18, quarter sheet = 12x9, jelly roll = 10x15

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Posted to Thread #30404 at 5:00 pm on Jul 21, 2018

Areas = (assuming 1" height)
Half: 216 SQ IN (~14 cups of batter >> 100 servings)
Quarter = 108 SQ IN (~7 cups of batter >> 50 servings)
Jelly Roll = 150 SQ IN (~10 cups of batter >> 75 servings)

Serving size is 1" x 2" (per Fat Daddio's cake pan data)

Jelly roll (aka Texas Sheet Cake pan) has 1" sides. It's close to a thin cookie sheet, but the sides are higher for baking batters.

Any 3-layer cake recipe can be baked in 3 9" pans. It will just be a tad thinner and cook faster. I'd go for square disposable ones because the AR part of me likes square edges for measuring. If I had been around at the turn of...math, Pi would never have been invented because I hate dividing up circles.

How much food will there be? That will help with the cake slice size: lots of food and snacks means a smaller piece of cake should satisfy. But then I've never baked for a group of hyper-bouncy kids, so what do I know.

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