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My itty bitty Hispanic grocery store has three kinds of cream! Honduran, Guatemalan, Salvadorean

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Posted to Thread #30406 at 4:08 pm on Jul 22, 2018

I looked them up and responders gave simple answers like: "It's named after where it's made."

Ya. Okay. I figured that much out on my own

But I'd like a culinary explanation so I don't have to buy all three and test them. Pittsburgh trip was a weight-gainer as hand-cut French fries is one of its four basic food groups, with pizza, ice cream & custard the other three. There were SIX custard stands within a 9-mile radius of Mom's house.

Please don't ask how I know that.

Anyway, back to cream...or crema. Are they all like sour cream...or are any of them sweet? Some sites said they were salty, but no two responders agreed on which was which.

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