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I took a class with Perla Meyers one time, and she said that if your dried spice was more than

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6 months old(!), it would be like merely adding DUST to your food. She totally crinkled up her nose when she made that remark. Of course, she is a purist and a perfectionist.

I agree with what CathyZ wrote, and I replace my dried spices at the 1-year mark. I always use an indelible Sharpie to write the date on the bottle itself regarding when I bought and opened each spice so then there is no guess work on my part.

Used to tickle me back when my mother was alive whenever she tasted and liked a recipe at my house, she would ask for my recipe and then call to tell me hers had not come out as good as what she remembered mine being, and what was I doing differently that I was NOT telling her. !!!

I would always reply that she had to use spices that were fresher than 15 years old as I knew that was her problem. She could never throw a spice bottle out until she had used up all the spice. Waste not, want not, don't cha know? Sigh.

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