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Well, of course I could’ve bought a half sheet pan, but you know me...

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Posted to Thread #30411 at 10:57 pm on Jul 25, 2018

I really did go to Michael’s to buy the half sheet pan. Because you know at Michael’s you can always use some coupon or another and sure enough they actually have a half sheet pan. So no matter that it was 90° out I got in the car and went. Sure enough there it was right in the bin, but a couple of bins over…

There was this pan. Then I thought well that looks a whole lot more interesting than a boring sheet cake pan now doesn’t it? What if I were to make a sheet cake round instead of rectangle like every other sheet cake you’ve ever seen? But then I thought how are you going to do the math? Will it even bake in the center? Somebody must’ve use this pan before. So I wander around Michael’s clutching both pans close to my body. There was only one of the 16 inch round pan. Nobody better pick it up! I don’t dare set it down for fear that some other idiot would come along and go look a 16 inch round cake pan I’m gonna do something with that! And of course the coupon for 50% off is one item only, which means — I can’t buy both. But why should I buy both when I can just use this round pan and not give into the siren call of this is going to work better rectangular pan? So I did it. I got the round pan. Because for all that is holy let’s not be boring! I submit to you this photo of the pan sitting on the cushion of my recliner, so you can see it truly is: a wide ass pan.

Now if I can only figure out how much batter to make and not turn it all into a disaster.

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