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The center of your batter is 8" away from the metal walls which means far less heat transference. This means the edges and batter close to the edges will finish baking long before the center mass of batter.

Most big wedding cake bakers use a metal pin in the middle to transfer heat. Do you have one of those Royal Icing rose piping gadgets? It's a rod with a flat disk on the top that you pipe a rose onto and then slide it off??

Are you with me? It's called a FLOWER NAIL or ROSE NAIL.

You place one upside down in the center of the cake batter. Its metal transfers heat to bake the center batter at the same timeframe as the edges.

see attached link for this concept. They're using it to keep the center batter from doming because its edges bake first. You'll be using it to actually help bake the batter in the center of the cake.

I'd recommend testing out the method using boxes of cheap cake mix before the party and your special cake. You can always crumble that baked cake and use it for cake balls. That way you'll have more confidence dealing with a cake that big.

Another helpful hint is to partially freeze the baked layer to manipulate it easier with less chance of it cracking.

Another another helpful hint is to use a large 16" cake board to transfer it from cooling rack, etc. Don't even think that you can do this with two spatulas. I speak from painful experience.

Another x 3 helpful hint: use damp cake strips. They really do work well.


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