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I’m going to use this pan conversation info...

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Posted to Thread #30411 at 12:46 am on Jul 26, 2018

Thank goodness for Helen’s Great info. The only thing is it’s looking like we might have 50 (45 have rsvp’ed yes so far) and of course this size feeds less than a half sheet. If I recall a half sheet feeds 40-45 in party size 2x2 pieces.

Going by this info an 8 inch round cake equals 50 in.², so my three layer 8 inch round cake recipe equals 150 in.². Which is not enough for this pan, but if I make one and a half recipes I’ll have overage. So I’m not sure whether I will make the Cake a bit thicker — this Wilton pan is only 2 inches deep and I think true bakery pans are 3 inches deep. Either way I plan to split the layer, because I’m daring like that, and fill it so that should allow the pieces to be a little on the smaller side and still feed plenty. I make I might throw in a few cupcakes with the leftovers batter. However, girl twin was adamant she didn’t want to cake with cupcakes and went all pouty face on me when I suggested it.


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