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Hi all, thanks for thinking of me. You CA folks no doubt recall the terrible fire that hit

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Santa Rosa and took down everything in its path? That is exactly what this Carr fire is. Started across the I5 and the Sacramento river and took out neighborhoods, marina on Whiskeytown Lake, roared on into part of the city, created havoc and even made its own tournado! It split and is now moving up into the northern end of our community near Lake Shasta destroying homes and structures as it goes. My sweet housekeeper lost her home yesterday.. We had our car packed up by midnight last night but thanks to our son who lives in Sacramento and studied the fire maps and topography of the land advised we would most likely be spared. I checked with another qualified neighbor and then with our local dispatch for medical, fire and police who assured me our area was not a concern of theirs.
So got to bed around 2 am - up again at 5 am to turn on the TV and see what was happening. Fire has moved away from the city at one end but remains on the west side of the river on another end of it. So far so good. I am keeping packed, (hubby unpacked and put his stuff away) but I know the fire has a mind of its own and can turn . Looking around our home last night as I decided I had to let it all go, including one car, artwork, etc. it was a wonder how so many folks live through this terrible thing. What can one do, on short notice you pack up and get out. Roads were clogged, motels were all full for miles around. My decision to stay was a good one and for now I am thankful.

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