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Haven't personally made lava cakes in a muffin tin but

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don't see why it wouldn't work. Reading through the directions for depanning my thoughts were that I'd prefer to use a sheet pan vs cutting board when inverting the cakes. And I'd probably run a sharp knife quickly around each lava cake first to loosen slightly prior to inverting...just to make sure the cakes don't stick here and there.

To facilitate a quicker plateup you could pre-decorate the serving plates with a dusting of powdered sugar or puddle of raspberry sauce or squiggles of chocolate sauce or sprinkle of chopped nuts or whatever decoration you might like to use. This would be a fun task for your helpful minions. ;-)
I'd save any whipped cream garnish/berries, if using, for after the cakes are plated.

Good luck, have fun, and best wishes to the birthday boy. :-)

PS: If you've got time and have a 6 cup muffin tin you could do a trial run using half the recipe. A trial run could reveal any changes you might like to make when it's time to prepare 20+.

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