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A little help please. Picked up a peck plus of Georgia peaches (O'Henry and Jersey)

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Posted to Thread #30426 at 2:42 pm on Aug 5, 2018

The O'Henry's are baseball-size and there is 32 of those.

The Jersey's are softball size and there are 5 of those.

I need to go shopping for sugar and pectin for jam and pie filling....does anyone know how much fruit (cup-wise) I'll get out of this? I am horrible about running out mid-whatever (not enough jars, not enough sugar, not enough lemon, not enough pectin, not enough patience, etc).

Or is weight a better way to go with this? I recall the recipes inside the pectin box give smashed fruit quantities...and I'm always short on that. I don't want to start peeling and cutting this stuff up until all the equipment and ingredients are available.

If by weight, is that before or after peeled and pitted?

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