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I hate jam. I hate jelly. I hate Certo. I hate Sure Jel. I am in a foul, sticky, jammy

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Posted to Thread #30426 at 1:25 pm on Aug 8, 2018

messy mood right now and my kitchen looks like a dirty bomb went off. And the floor still feels sticky, even though I washed and polished it.

Ball canning company, I hate you as well. You were complicit in this disaster.

[deep breathe]

Okay...that didn't work. I don't feel any better now that I've pointed the finger at everyone else and blamed them because...because I'm still stuck with 12 jars of un-jam, un-jelly stuff, some of which were processed TWICE with added pectin.

Unfortunately that leaves 3 fingers pointing back at me. And the middle one is laughing.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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