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I can tell you a no fail delicious peach jam

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Puree enough peaches in your blender to get one quart--skins and all. Follow the sure jelly directions for jam which is about using 5 or 6 cups of sugar.
Be attentive to the boiling time of one minute AFTER your mixture is at a boil you can't stair down. It takes a little while to get to that.
I sterilize jars by heating in oven for 2 hours at200. I boil lids in water while cooking jam.
Here comes what folks will naysayers but it has worked for me for 55 years. Pour hot jam in sterile jars put on lid and screw top and seal. Turn upside down for 2 hours. Test seal by tapping top for a dull sound and seeing a slight longevity in middle

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