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Richard in Cincy

Bourbon and peaches are a match made in heaven...

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Posted to Thread #30426 at 2:02 am on Aug 11, 2018

Bourbon, peaches, a little honey, a squeeze of lime, hello rocks...

It is the quest every year to find an honest to god tree riped peach. Thankfully, Trader Joe's has been shipping in heirloom peach varieties from California small fruit farmers tucked into their little pillow boxes, 10 for $6. Believe me, these are worth every penny compared to the dozens I buy at the store that rot before they even soften from green-as-a gourd-stone hard, much less ripen. My peach today was so intensely peachy, juice running down my chin, with memories of my childhood and picking fresh ripe peaches in the orchard.

We've gone through our first box of the season and going back tomorrow for our second.

They are worth the price.

Someone said to me back in June: Fresh peaches are back at Kroger! I said, "are you kidding me!"--I don't buy peaches until August.

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