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Phase 2 of Tangzhong Test: Day One of Taste Test

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Posted to Thread #30439 at 8:50 pm on Aug 13, 2018

Let me preface this by saying my original dough was perfection after coming out of the machine & sitting overnight in the refrigerator, well-wrapped in Saran. It rolled out without additional flour and did not spring back (so gluten had sufficiently rested) nor did it stick to the countertop. After adding a filling, it rolled up with no problems and could be easily cut into slices.

Ya, all that just went out the window. While not damp, the enhanced dough was a bit sticky to the touch. And even though I wrapped it securely in Saran, I opened my refrigerator this morning and there was a soccer ball next to the kale. It had ballooned into a rock-hard solid orb. I swear the tensile strength of that Saran wrap was tested to its limits on this. I could have practiced for the World Cup with this sucker.

After unwrapping the ball and punching it to deflate (that's a two-fer: deflating the dough while venting your culinary frustrations)...I laid it down whereupon it immediately stuck to the counter. I lifted the dough, floured the counter and it still stuck. So I dusted both sides of the dough AND the counter again and finally I was able to roll it out. It had a bit of spring, but I could roll it out to its normal 16x20" shape. Spread it with soft butter and then sprinkled on 1 Cup of white sugar mixed with 1 TBL of cinnamon and 1/2 tsp cardamon (per Dahlia Bakery roll filling). Then I tried to roll it up and that sucker was having nothing to do with it. The dough kept sticking and the granulated sugar kept schmooshing ahead, keeping me from making a tight roll and sticking to the counter or my fingers or both.

Then when I tried to cut it into slices, my fingers again stuck to the dough and the loose sugar filling opened up the spiral once each slice was cut.

Proofed it on the stove top (had convection option running) until my patience ran out and baked it for 30 minutes at 325 degrees (convection).

Photo shows what went down to Open Table. The first taste was fine...but then the first day is always fine. Dough was tender and the color looked good. I've saved two more for taste tests over the next 3 days and will report back.


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