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Intolerant people. Those who say they can't consume types of foods, are about to get the

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Posted to Thread #30448 at 10:06 pm on Aug 15, 2018

boot from me unless they are serious about it. My friend invited me to dinner with a new couple, one of whom reported to be lactose-intolerant. I have friends who really are and who limit their intake.

I turned myself inside out to use peaches in a dessert that did not involve milk or butter. It was tough but an inspiration came to me right off my pillow that morning.

My friend promptly forgot and put loads of milk AND butter in the potatoes. The guest declared this to be just fine as he was "just becoming" intolerant. Had I known him better I would have smacked him.

I have other friends who announce, after the search anguish I go through, that it's okay if it's cooked.

Don't pills do anything to help? Isn't there a guide book that people can issue to define their levels of intolerance?

I really am thinking of just ignoring this in the future, unless I absolutely know that these folks really do have food problems.

Just grumbling.


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