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Amen sister. I've eliminated one such *I'll die if I eat gluten* associate after

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Posted to Thread #30448 at 1:33 am on Aug 16, 2018

watching her eat a production line muffin from the airport. And yes, I checked the label and it was a good old American muffin with absolutely no nutritional value (definitely not gluten-free, etc) and contained the following:

Gluten (Spawn of flour)

This is the same person who for 40 years has put all of her acquaintances under food alert for meals at home or in restaurants. She claims to have celiac disease, but refuses to be tested to confirm her self-diagnosis.

Thirty years ago she started by eliminating red meat, moved on to chicken, then fish, then switched out from vegetarian to vegan, then eliminated soy, then removed peanuts, refuses caffeine, honey and won't sit on leather or wear it. Add the celiac "I will DIE if a single bit of gluten gets in my food" constraint. You could actually hear the capital letters. Try cooking a meal around those restraints. It's hard, but doable. Now check out that list of muffin ingredients again...


Yet she ate that muffin along with several heaping tablespoons (and I mean she used a serving spoon) of my Dyslexic Sauce (which has absolutely nothing healthy in it--I know this!!) to no ill- or after-effects.

When I called her attention, she said she didn't have time to pack any food and she was hungry.


Well, there was one after-effect to that event: I no longer put up with her controlling regime. I've refused all recent suggestions to get together for a meal. I hope that muffin was worth it.

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