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Jam, Jelly and Canning Experts >>> Help.

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Posted to Thread #30451 at 1:07 pm on Aug 16, 2018

I finally achieved Peach JELLY, but am uncertain how to store it.

Here's the LONG story:

I dumped three 8 oz jars of unjellied jelly (even after boil and process twice) and 3 jars of Bourbon peach jelly liquid (boiled and processed once and then strained from peaches, which went into the freezer) >> 6 cups of multi-processed liquid PLUS another 1/2 cup of liquid pectin and cooked on high in my crock pot for three hours. Jarred that into FIVE bottles and processed those for 10 minutes in boiling water.

Waited over-night and NOTHING! Still liquid-y.

Dumped those into the 3.5 QT pot and simmered stovetop for another 2 hours, skimming and testing with spoon dipped in ice. When it had the SLIGHTEST (and I mean SLIGHTEST) hint of thickening, my patience left the building and had a stiff drink while I bottled the reduced syrup into 3 jars and processed those for 10 minutes.

Waited overnight and pried one open.


Of course, we now come to the reason I've asked for your help. The entire purpose of this exercise was to be able to store the jelly in the pantry and give it away at Christmas. Well, that "was" the idea when I thought I'd end up with 12 jars of jam.

I don't have room in the freezer...let's toss out that solution right now.

I could keep them in the refrigerator, but would prefer to give them away with the certainty that they can stored in pantry.

Question: Is there some way to test the pH or whatever in the one opened jar to see if the other two are safe for pantry storage??? I no longer have any idea of the ratio of fruit/pectin/sugar/lemon in this stuff.

I gave the long details to indicate how many times it's been boiled, both as a juice and processed in the jars. But I still want to feel confident about this.

Worst case is I keep them in the refrigerator and give notice they must be kept in the refrigerator, even unopened. I can live with that--after 5 frigging days of trying to make something folks figured out centuries ago. But I'd like to know for my own knowledge.

Thank you.

PS: Did I kill the pectin by boiling it TOO MUCH? All the literature said to make sure juice is boiling heavily before adding and then boiling afterward, but could my multi-processing have been TOO MUCH?

PS: Also, I started out with 6 jars of sugared/pectin'd liquid and ended up with 3. Does that sound right?

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