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I have REALLY been trying to find the answer to your situation from the start.

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And yes, Mistral is the master canner.
I will say that yes, I think you have finally done the pectin in by too much boiling (I found a couple of things about that).
I will suggest to you to use my "recipe" above for a no fail jam.
As for what you have now, if the seal is concave and "tinny" you have a jar that can be stored, IMO.
The thing about jam is that with the proper ratio of fruit, sugar, acidity almost anything will gel. Peach is low pectin so add it--I MUCH prefer powdered. You can cook jam and jelly to a temperature (220*) as a checkpoint if your mix is going to gel. Or you can do the "drip/sheet test" that I described above also.
Don't give up. Homemade preserves are just TOO good not to do them and your experience, IMO, is really unusual, and I cannot explain it.
Good luck.

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