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Acid levels affect gel formation

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Posted to Thread #30451 at 1:04 am on Aug 17, 2018

Too much acid and you get a gel that sets really fast and hard, not enough acid prevents a gel from forming, so often times you can add some lemon juice to low acid fruits to increase their acidity and therefore get a firmer gel formation.

Also, one can combine a high pectin fruit like apples with a low pectin one like rhubarb to get the required level of pectin to get a good gel.

My favorite gel test is the stick a plate in the freezer one. In the cardamom plum jam I just made, I used pectin, Against my better judgment but I wanted to make it the way Steve made it. The second batch I made with amaretto I didn’t bother with the pectin and used a little lemon juice instead and it set up just fine if not better than the one with added pectin — because plums have a lot of natural pectin in them.

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