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pH level has more to do with things like tomatoes. I am not up on the

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level for fruit although I have often not added any acid to my jams--just forgot more than anything.
I would put this behind you and start over. One rule not to be broken is never double a batch. I am sure this didn't happen with you 'cause you used two different types of pectin.
I have been buying my pectin in the jars they have now instead of individual packages. And as I said, for jams I prefer powdered where you dissolve it in the fruit first, then add sugar and boil.
I used to make jelly (blackberry) with no added pectin and you "can" do that with almost any fruit but you have to cook it to the gel stage (the state where the fruit fibers and sugar "mesh") and your number of jars is much smaller than with added pectin. Apples are certainly one jelly you can make without adding pectin since that is what most commercial pectin is made from!! Peels, especially.

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