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Paul Massell

Meatloaf ideas

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Posted to Thread #30468 at 5:40 pm on Aug 30, 2018

For the past few years I've been adding pork sausage to my meatloaf. I really like the hot Italian included in meatloaf. In practice it ends up being about 2-1 beef/pork. Recently I've just been buying the ground pork instead of sausage and experimenting with different things. I actually wish the Costco ground pork was less lean!

When my daughter is home she has tons of allergies so I change it up for her. She is a genuine celiac so I've used various things in place of breadcrumbs. Probably the best was crushing up the salt & pepper chips from Trader Joe's. This came out great...

Any other ideas for different takes on meatloaf? Doesn't have to be gluten free.

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