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CathyZ from Kauai

I don't make a normal meatloaf so I'll share an idea

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Posted to Thread #30468 at 3:44 am on Aug 31, 2018

I use about 3 to 1 ground beef to ground pork. Then I add chopped onion, an egg, splash soy sauce, chopped garlic, chipotle powder, parmesan cheese, thyme, sometimes a little bread crumb if it is wet but that is not necessary. Sometimes I put salsa in and use cilantro instead of the soy sauce, thyme and chipotle.

Then I put half the mixture in a meatloaf pan. I put chopped walnuts on, then could be chopped pepperoni or ham or ? and next one or two kinds of cheese- horseradish, cheddar, pepper jack, whatever. Then on goes the other half of the meat mix. We love ketchup on top. Always wants to bubble over in the oven so I use a jelly roll pan under the loaf pan. Really tasty stuff. First got the idea about 50 years ago from Dinah Shore. She used different stuff but did it in layers like this.

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