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FRC: Do you pre-soak pasta?

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"So to cook long, skinny pasta, you've got two real options. First is the traditional method: A large pot of salted boiling water gives you plenty of room to move the pasta around, limiting the risk of it sticking together.
Your other option is to use the pre-soak method. The beauty in this method is that by pre-soaking pasta while cooking the sauce (and/or having it sitting in your fridge), you don't have to bring a pot of water to a boil every time you want to eat it. Pasta prep becomes almost immediate. By the time the sauce is hot and ready, the pasta is hydrated, and all I've got to do is drop it in the sauce and let it finish cooking. Easy!”
“If I place the pasta in a bowl of salted water, stir it once with my hands, then let it rest while I cook my sauce, it will have already absorbed virtually all of the liquid that it's going to absorb by the time I'm ready to drain it and add it to the pot. At that point, all I have to do is cook it through in my finished sauce, a process that takes just moments.”

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