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Richard in Cincy

Last night's dinner was a summer's dream...

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Posted to Thread #30472 at 8:32 pm on Sep 1, 2018

I ground sirloin and bacon to make burgers for the grill. Fresh homegrown tomatoes are spilling out of the garden. Time for the Ultimate Summer Backyard Grilled Burger.

I started with a rye sponge that I sat outside in the 95F heat and would periodically go feed and give it a stir. After 4 sponge rises, I poured the batter out onto my floured bread board and kneaded in dill and caraway seeds. Flour was half rye, half wheat. Water, Onion powder, Salt, and Sunflower oil were the remaining ingredients. I rolled and shaped buns, covered them and took them back outside to the sauna for a raise while the oven heated. Results were the most tasty and sturdy hamburger bun I've ever had. The other half was moaning and saying in between mouthfuls, you can make these buns anytime you want to!!! They were so easy. My hands on time all day was about 20 minutes. I just let the continually rising sponges self-knead itself. And these beautiful hamburger buns held up for what was to come!

1/2 pound grilled sirloin burgers robed in a thick layer of melted Emmentaler
Sauteed mushrooms
Sliced juicy ripe garden tomatoes
Basil leaves
Roasted Red Marconi pepper slabs picked and thrown on the grill to char and blister.
Avocado slices

The burger was at least 6 inches tall. I squashed mine down and managed to get it into my mouth. But the bun held it's own, absorbing all of the wonderful juices, to the very end, totally intact.

I took pix of the entire production from sponge to finished plate. Where are people putting pix these days? I'd rather not make a FB photo album since I have to share that with the world to get it on here.

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