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Music City Missy

Two more sleeps and NYC here we come!

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Posted to Thread #30474 at 2:00 am on Sep 3, 2018

Thanks to everyone for the recommendations. If anyone is available and interested in meeting up, message me at mlinkinhoker AT comcast DOT net

Stressed trying to get ready. I have had a sinus infection for about 2 weeks that I am finally getting over today. I have promised myself I am going to be one of those people that can pack in a carry on instead of trying to take my whole closet like I usually do. My purse strap broke so I have tried to purse shop for the last three days and don't like anything I see. Don't want to pull out an old bag (I use a bag until it's pretty worn out then get a new one). Still don't know what clothes to take - looks like it is warmer than I had hoped and looking like showers most of the time.

Former coworker died unexpectedly Wednesday and good friend's brother died about the same time. Trying to decide if I can or even should try to squeeze in visitation/food drop off or not.

Tomatoes had slacked off but now they are going crazy because we had a couple of good rains. I have tons of tomatoes and peppers to pick tomorrow and try to figure out what to do with them. I know hubby loves giving them away but I really want to get some more put up.

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