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;) Tomatoes/peppers would be my top

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because you will be outside/inside, physical, to help w/sinus recovery and encourage sleep. Keep hydrated.
Stack clothing open on your bed to pack with longest/pants on bottom. After 6-8 items, fold all arms onto body of shirts at top. Roll clothes very tightly starting with pant legs. Stuff underware/socks in plastic bag/packing cube. Consider 1 pair of hiking-type shoes (tennies) only. I used to wear heels in evening. Then w/subway and aging, I would carry heels and change. Now, I dress nicely with hiking boots to protect ankles! No one will care what you are wearing! Stick disposable ponchos in your coat pockets - Coleman in camping at Target/Walmart - will keep you warm even when not raining, and dry. Pack an umbrella if you have room but know that it will be difficult to move thru crowd with one.
While you are shopping for your purse, buy a backpack/bag that folds small - Eddie Bauer - to stick in your pocket or loop through your belt.
It will be warmer in NYC (except Central Park ;) with sheer volume of people and electricity. On the plane, we wear our fancy clothes and carry Columbia coats (layer fleece&jacket), but know we will be warm and disrobe when possible. Be mindful of security because you will need to remove coats/jackets/sweaters/jewelry/belts/shoes/quart bag - give yourself permission to take your time but be prepared!
Know that you can buy ANYTHING in New York! You don't have to worry about under-packing!
Don't be afraid but be smart. There are tons of people around all of the time to "protect" you. Know where you are going before you start but use your cell phone to navigate. Everyone is looking at their cell phone.
Above all, have the time of your life - easily possible!
When you return, visit/take food to families. Colleen

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