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Damn, I hate when that happens. And by *that* I mean a recipe that *looked* great

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Posted to Thread #30478 at 2:49 pm on Sep 6, 2018

but between mixing and baking, a sneaking feeling crops up that "something isn't quite right" and the logical left half of my brain is saying to the nitwit right half: "something is wrong with this recipe even though you fell for the lemony blueberries, you nitwit!"

Admittedly I have been guilty of not reading recipes all the way thought (Full Disclosure: see Exhibit 874.28B: Dyslexic Chocolate Sauce; Exhibit 2910.75Q: La Brea Chocolate Cherry Bread: Exhibit 5947295.39Z: Maquis de Sade Ravioli; it's too depressing to keep listing them). However THAT is not the case here. I read the ingredients through completely. Yes, I had all the ingredients. And I, the beginning of the recipe. Okay, this may be where I screwed up. But the PHOTOS showed nice round cookies with lemon icing.


I just assumed (and we all know what *that* that means) they would be drop cookies.

I was wrong. Shoot me.

After reading the instructions to mix the wet with the dry and then fold in the blueberries, I was merrily mixing the liquids with flour when I noticed the batter was rather thick. Then I tried "folding" the fresh blueberries in and thought: wow, I'm going to squish these a bit.

Here's where my "oh crap" radar went off. I went back to the recipe in which the author says:

"Turn dough out onto well floured board and gently knead dough to form a soft dough that holds together well, adding more flour as needed. Pat dough down to about 3/4 inch thick. Cut cookies with biscuit cutter and place on parchment lined cookie sheet."

Side note: this author had modified her grandmother's recipe which originally used pineapple and pineapple juice. THAT I can see being kneaded, but this? Who kneads a dough however gently that contains FRESH BLUEBERRIES. And there was no coming together of this dough. Nope. It was quite dry and clumpy...great for the top of a pie or the top of a cobbler or anything but flat cookies!

So I just dumped the entire thing into a 12x18" sheet pan and gently kneaded it into as flat a surface as I could manage.

It's not looking good right now. There is ABSOLUTELY NO now it's bakng as lumpy and dry as it went into the oven.

One pint of organic blueberries, wasted.
Damn, I hate when that happens.


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