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I LOVE this forum & also all of you posters--I had a rousing success on my 1st egg steaming foray.

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Posted to Thread #30476 at 7:27 pm on Sep 6, 2018

I began last night by using Steve2 in LA's hint about how to center the yolks in hard-boiled eggs. I then brought 25 eggs to room temp using Michael in Sarasota's hint about letting them sit in a bowl of warm water beforehand while I waited on the steamer water to boil. Per Curious1's suggestion, I turned the heat down after putting the eggs into the steamer basket so the water was at a simmer with the lid on for the 13 minutes AngAk1 recommended. I pierced all 25 with my egg piercing tool--NOT A SINGLE ONE cracked or leaked! By the time I left for the office this morning, I had piped filling into 50 gorgeous deviled egg halves with nary a thin white wall, sprinkled each lightly with paprika and placed a toasted pecan half atop each. [My grandmother Wiggins always used to put coarsely chopped pecans in her deviled egg filling--I can't do that when I fill by piping (plugs up even a large tip) so I have resorted to garnishing each deviled egg half with a toasted pecan piece--I think nuts add a nice crunch.] Next time I plan to try Janet in NC's hint about adding some deviled ham to my deviled egg filling. If there are others whom I have neglected to mention who offered these same hints, my profuse apologies. Thank you, one and all!

An aside--I first read about steaming eggs at this site 4 years ago. Each time since 2014 I would think, "I have a mere 6 eggs to hard boil--or only a dozen--or whatever smallish number so I'll try steaming next time." Well, twenty-five eggs that were purchased just a week ago was my breaking point. WHY EVER DID I WAIT SO LONG TO STEAM EGGS? THEY PEEL LIKE A DREAM. (Old dog, new trick, perhaps? ha!)


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