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We've had several discussions here about how to poach eggs. Anyone tried Nigella Lawson's method . .

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Posted to Thread #30483 at 8:59 pm on Sep 7, 2018

Caught a Nigella Lawson show on the Create Channel the other day and tried her method of poaching eggs. I did so be cause those recipes that have you strain runny white out really bug the stuffing out of me; I guess they seem so wasteful . . .

Any way, she brings a small pan of water to a simmer, adds a little salt AND a small amount of vinegar. She then gets a small bowl, puts a tiny amount of vinegar in, cracks the egg into tje bowl then gently adds the egg to the water. This method works nicely for me. I lose very little of the "runny" egg whites. The whole egg, while not perfect looking, does seem to hold together better from this little pre-vinegar dip before cooking and I don't have a lot of egg white flowers blowing around in the water.

Has any one else tried this method?

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