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Michael in Phoenix

Good news! I spoke by phone with Gayle Cameron this morning. She called me...

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Posted to Thread #30484 at 7:35 pm on Sep 8, 2018

...after I reached out to her on her FB page.

She has trouble speaking, in the sense that she knows in her mind what she wants to say, but the words don't come out. I also spoke with Sammy, her husband, and he said she still has a lot of issues with the right side of her body, and she can't form sentences as well as she would like. She is taking speech therapy, and her doctors are very pleased with her progress.

If anyone would like to send her a note by mail, please send me an email at

and I'll send you her address.

She was so happy to hear that several of you fine folks remember her! I told her there were a bunch of wishes for her swift and complete recovery and thoughts and prayers for same.

I know she'd love to hear from anyone who would like to send her a note.

Let me know!


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