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I'm not a scientist but it was explained to me this way

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Posted to Thread #30494 at 7:32 pm on Sep 12, 2018

the oil carries some of the flavor molecules of the marinade. water and alcohol are the other two carriers but some flavor molecules are soluble in oil specifically. (And why brand alcohol marinade is not just a gimmick).

For this reason different flavors will be conveyed from your marinade based upon the carriers used: water, oil, alcohol. If you only use one or skip one of those three carriers some of the ingredients of your marinade are effectively useless. You may get some surface flavor only but they won't convey at all beyond that.

It is debatable how much actually penetrates the meat other than salt and acid, but the idea would be that in the actual marinade process the oil is working and not just there for water retention or for the later cooking.

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