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Orange lentil (masoor dal) stews freeze really well and you can

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chock them full of veggies.

Maybe your friends can bring fresh condiments, like limes, lemons, cilantro, fresh basil, fresh bread...things that will perk up whatever frozen items you defrost.

Love those days when you find something packed away that was completely forgotten. It's like the Cracker Jack prize of the freezer community. I recently excavated a frozen block that could have repaired my retaining wall. It was an Indian cauliflower/potato dish and microwaved beautifully.

Make a list of what's in the freezer and keep it on the outside of the refrigerator in case a friend wants to help and heat things up. LABEL the items INSIDE the freezer so you don't end up wondering what the heck this unidentifiable retaining wall block is.

[Full Disclosure Note: Oh hell no, I don't actually do this myself. THAT would make too much sense.]

PS: BEST OF LUCK to both of you! Speedy recovery.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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