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Paul Massell

he recommends gashing over poking unless you are injecting

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Posted to Thread #30494 at 3:20 pm on Sep 13, 2018

he also says to use "oil and vinegar salad dressing" as a shortcut marinade so I don't think his oil prohibition is a hard no.

"Myth: Stabbing with a fork helps marinades penetrate. Stabbing meat with a fork or a jaccard blade pushes bacteria down in. And the holes seal up as the meat collapses in on the trauma and fills with water."

"Help marinades by gashing the food. Since marinades don't penetrate very far into most foods, give them a hand. Gash your food. Cut slices into the surface, rough it up, give the marinade cuts, cracks, and pits to enter. There is also more surface area to brown and more surface area coated with baked on marinade."

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