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I've been through this - tips/hints and information below - please read

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I’ve been through this program 3 times now, but it did not work for me. 

There is lots of old/outdated information out there - Monash (they are based in Australia) is the leader/creator of this protocol and have the most updated information. Download their app - it isn’t free and is on the higher end of app prices, but it is completely worth it and they update regularly.

Do not stay on Phase 1 (2-8 weeks) longer than you need to. Start reintroducing/challenging foods as soon as you feel ready. You are removing lots of good/beneficial foods in phase 1 - however, research is startling to trickle in on the long term effects of people who stay on phase 1 for long periods of time do harmful damage to their gut microbiome.

Make sure you keep your diet as varied as possible, especially to avoid getting tired of having the exact same thing day after day - spices/herbs are your friend. Use garlic-infused olive oil. Seek out asafetida - it is reminiscent of garlic/onion and isvery strong, so a little goes a long way. 

Be VERY watchful of portion sizes.

Some foods that you think are off the list can actually be good and acceptable in small servings - but this also goes in reverse. Some things that you think are good can be not good in large servings. Research fodmap stacking - it makes a difference.

One thing to remember - this is not a gluten-free diet. It is *wheat* free.

Here are some helpful links you should look through (especially helpful for recipes/info)

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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