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Richard in Cincy

Your Ultimate Food Experience

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Posted to Thread #30515 at 3:33 pm on Sep 25, 2018

I was looking through the new cookbook acquisitions on the Cincinnati Library web site and ran across "Ultimate eats : the world's top 500 food experiences...ranked" A bunch of foodies sharing their ultimate experience and someone who didn't experience it decided they were qualified to rank them 1-500. I'm sure there are some lovely tales there, but what about us?

What is your ultimate food experience?

I've had so many over the years. From the fabulous to the ridiculously simple, but the one that always pops into my head first was my picnic on the Lido: seat for 1 in the sand at sunset.

I wandered through the back alley ways of Venice to a Mom and Pop storefront bodega where I had been shopping for food during my stay in the neighborhood (poor student eating cheap).

I bought a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, a slab of camembert, and a half dozen baby octopi marinated in olive oil, peppers, and spices. All was wrapped up in sheets of paper and I stuffed them into my ubiquitous black bag as they handed the little parcels to me. The elderly couple running the place were all smiles, spoke no English, I spoke no Italian except hello, goodbye, how much, thank you, etc., but they made me feel so welcome in their tiny little shop (I would love to have a nice long look around that long gone shop today!). The cost for this feast was a dollar and some change (the bottle of local red wine was .40ยข).

I boarded a vaporetto and headed to the beach as the sun began to set to find a place for my picnic. I settled on a stretch of empty sand, that magical time when the crowded beaches clear out as it starts to get dark and its time for dinner. I opened the bottle (drinking from the bottle of course) and unpacked my little parcels of food, spread them out, and started my dinner as I watched the golden sun sink below the horizon.

After it became dark and I had finished dinner, I had a nice after dinner nighttime swim in the Adriatic Sea.

This was my ultimate food experience--the meal that always comes first to mind when I think of amazing past food experiences.

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