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I have so many but one always comes back to me. As you all know

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John went to work for Saudi Airline in 1990 and we lived in Jeddah for 12 years so we traveled a lot and often and I had wonderful food experiences but the one that was so special was in Jeddah. One of John's co workers, Yaya, became a good friend of ours and spent a lot of time with us. After many years he invited us to his home for dinner with his family. No one in the family spoke English but I asked if I could learn some of their recipes. His mother did the cooking and to my surprise newspapers came out and spread on the floor and food prep began all of us women peeling and dicing. I asked if one of them would show me how to make a great hummus. Yaya told them what I wanted and suddenly abayas came out and hair and faces were covered and in came the father and he began making hummas. We ate our dinner in a room all sitting on the floor, men in one room, women in another. I will never forget it.

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