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A couple of things I remember:

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Recently, I found a local ethnic market that was advertising "Wagyu Beef". Bought some thick NY strip steaks that were beautifully marbled--they were just as good or better marbled as Prime strips I have seen, much more marbled than the Choice cuts seen in local chain groceries (and delightfully inexpensive at 5.99/lb). I threw them in the freezer to try on a special night. Next time comes up and the place is advertising Culotte of beef, Wagyu Culotte of beef. This is a cut I had heard of but never seen in a grocery store. I bought it and cooked it that night. Thought it was a steak, so started to grill it and it started to round up and I realized it was a complete muscle, not a steak. Ran it to get my instant-read thermometer and cooked to about 115ยบ, let it rest for 15 minutes. Sliced on the bias across the grain. This cut was absolutely gorgeously, heavily, evenly and finely marbled with fat and OH MY GAWD, it was the best beef I had ever tasted. It had a flavor that was rich and full and the fat stayed soft even after cooling off. The fat was full of flavor, and not greasy at all. I really could not stop eating it. Poor husband wanted some leftovers the next day, but I eaten them all and I could have eaten what he ate too! Needless to say, the steaks were cooked pretty soon after, and had that flavor as well, and even though I slightly over cooked them, they did not go sourish like those choice steaks. Best beef I have EVER had.

The meat manager at the store told me that he was cutting back on the Wagyu to sell because people were telling him that it looked too fatty and they wouldn't buy it! In this case, the fat really *was* flavor. The manager knows me by sight and now I can ask him when he is next going to make a Wagyu order. The last Wagyu I bought, well, my sister and I bought the whole NY strip he had, sliced into 1 lb steaks! He didn't have to worry about selling that.

The price of the Wagyu has gone up, but it is still quite a bit less than full-priced choice steaks from local grocery chains. I have more steaks now in the freezer, along with some small Wagyu tri-tips and another Wagyu Culotte.

Lastly: Years ago, we used to rent a cabin in Tahoe the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. The last year we were there, we got a taxi to the Ceasar's Palace casino there and really did dinner at their steakhouse. We had appetizers and drinks before dinner. We had salad, we had dinner, delicious dinner of steaks, rack of lamb, prepared fantastically, with appropriate wine to go with; I cannot remember the sides we had with but it was all great. We had after dinner drinks and coffee (Irish Coffee, I love it) with our desserts. The coffee was fresh, and to doctor it we were given fresh whipped cream flavored with good vanilla/chocolate liqueur and another with hazelnuts. Every thing from the food to the setting to the company to the service was absolutely wonderful.

We needed to go back to the cabin, but the taxis were all busy and to get one it was going to take a while. My brother saw an empty limo and talked to the driver--Bingo! We had a ride home (brother slipped him some money, a very reasonable amount). The driver was going back to Reno and said he would drop us off across the street from the drive to where the cabin was--just don't tell anyone he did so. He dropped us off and got some bucks for it and we did not have to wait around for a taxi.

Good food memories seem to be deeply connected with the surroundings and circumstances you made them with.

Dang--I want some Wagyu--maybe next week when we visit my brother. . .

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