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PS: I should add that the reason we were panicking about the cost of the meal

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was because we were traveling with a backpack. That's it. And we hadn't found a laundromat in 8 days and had no clean clothes.

So that Sunday when we checked in, we asked about a laundromat, but the porter told us they could do our clothes. We stupidly handed them over and two hours later, we were handed back a beautiful pile of laundered clothes...even Larry's underwear had been ironed. And his socks.

The bill?
190,000 Lira
One Hundred Ninety THOUSAND LIRA.
For ironed socks.

That converted to $60...which was 2.5 days of our budgeted funds.
I'm pretty sure our clothes didn't even add up to $60.

...which explains the panic that escalated as bottle after bottle and flambéed...everything kept appearing at our table.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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