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oli, while on my commute home I started thinking that I remembered writing about my current DW so

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did a search here at, and sure enough.....go to the link below. Michael has the GE model that came right after mine. I'm pretty sure my GE Profile model is no longer being made, but would have to check at the GE appliance web site to be sure.

Re your question: How to decide? I went to several reputable appliance stores to talk to knowledgeable sales personnel. (The small "Mom and Pop" stores were the best, IMHO.) Like you, I also reviewed Consumer Reports and read anything else I could find with opinions from the general public. My best advice came from female sales people who actually used the different brands.

I made a list of which features were the most important to me. Example, it was more important to me to have plenty of head room for the top rack because I have tall mixing bowls and I also like to put my food processor bowls on the upper rack which meant I wanted a top rack that was adjustable and that I wasn't crazy about having a 3rd rack for silverware--.unless the 3rd rack could be removed.

I really wanted a dishwasher that had a disposal (like they used to include in dishwashers eons ago) as I don't want to have to practically rinse my dirty dishes clean BEFORE running a load through the dishwasher! I was able to get what GE calls a Piranha Hard Food Disposer.

Our house is NOT an open floor plan so the noise level of a dishwasher didn't matter to me, and I didn't fret if I looked at lower or higher noise levels in the various styles. Now I happen to have a SIL who has a very open home so a low noise level was one of her top priorities.

Some brands came with racks and silverware holders that seemed to me to be made of a flimsier type hard plastic. A big NO to anything like that. I wanted heayv duty ball bearings for the racks to roll smoothly in and out.

One thing people complained a lot about on-line was having dishes that they had to pretty much hand dry after the wash & dry cycles were finished. I wanted (and got) a dishwasher that I can put 98% of the clean dishes directly from the dishwasher into my cupboards without having to wipe much of anything dry by hand.

It took me a good 2 months of research and running around. DH helped with the analysis. It was good to have somebody else to bounce things off. Another good source was asking repair people which brands they thought were better made machines.

KitchenAid used to be the el primo dishwasher back when they were manufactured by Hobart, but that all changed when Hobart was sold. I cannot remember exactly what happened, but something changed and the quality of KitchenAid dishwashers was never as good.

Good luck. Take your time when shopping, and I'm sure you'll end up a very satisfied new dishwasher owner!


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