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Alors...I have been pondering Christmas in Paris for a couple of days now. I have been there for NY

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but not Christmas. How lucky they are.

What I was doing was trying to picture myself there at that time and what I would hope for in terms of atmosphere. The food is so reliable that it is always at least, good. I decided that I would want to join the celebrations at a convivial and upbeat restaurant, offering the best of Paris in that season. Think...le Grand Colbert in Somethings Gotta Give.

It seems that given a couple of years, the new decent restaurants jump up to one star. I can think of several that were outstanding when they were being discovered but it took no time before one could not get in the door. You just can’t keep these good Paris restaurants down.

Richard has a good thought in that one might not expect the best of service, and indeed the best of food from whoever is cooking that night, on a family-should-be-at-home night. So I thought, back to the hotels that offer terrific food because they have to be consistent. Le Meurice, and so on, would blow the budget. There is a very convivial atmosphere and definitely brasserie air at the Café de la Paix at Opera and Capucines in le Grand Hotel. It is known as one of the best people-watching corners of the world. The restaurant is warm and inviting inside, bustling and authentic. The food is exceptional. If one could get a table by the window (par la fenetre), there would be the additional people-watching on a beautiful evening.

That’s what I would do.

If you need some suggestions for little foodie things that the travellers might bring back for you, I’m happy to lend a hand.

I would stay away from Bofinger or le Petit Bofinger. The menu is uncreative, predictable and not exciting. And any experiences that I have had there, were disappointing.

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