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Need you guys's help

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Posted to Thread #30550 at 12:22 am on Oct 16, 2018

I am originally from Canada many years ago and I was wondering, if I am looking for someone, what is the best way? I am not a facebook user, but my wife does in a limited way. She wasn't sure when I asked her if she would put in a name in the search box would facebook include Canada in the search. I am not sure if people in Canada are on facebook or the internet like the USA people are, because I put in a childhood buddy I knew and nothing came up when I searched the internet or facebook. You would think guys would pop up on the internet because they are not likely to have changed their name. I am thinking he could have passed away, maybe not as we are not that old, but at least someone with the same last name, eg. wife, would still be around and a computer/facebook user.
UPDATE I just put a search on the internet and I got a bunch of people with the same name on facebook for this person. Now what do I do? I feel like saying on the facebook "I am looking for Jane Doe, does any of you people with her name happen to be the person I used to know?", but what do I do?

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