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Millions of folks have a Facebook account and many seem to really enjoy it

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is a total time sponge for many, and many admit to spending too much time on Facebook when at work. I am not questioning anyone's choices about a social network but I will give you my experience with them.
Years ago, a friend of mine who was also a member of the same pet therapy dog group (we visited assisted living facilities, colleges, schools and hospitals with our trained dogs) bought an RV and with her husband and two collies took a 3 month tour of the US. She set up a Facebook account and wanted all her friends to follow her on the journey. I loved it, lived seeing her pictures, etc. I never did venture any further that her website.

When she was back home, and I no longer had a reason to log into Facebook, I started getting two and three emails from them every week, sometimes once a day or more. I found out they hijacked my email and knew who my friends were and started to send messages that friends had posted on Facebook and that I should visit them. I cancelled my account, but to this day, I still get emails. They find out lots of info about you and use it I am not a fan of Facebook, and have heard many stories about how people turned on each other, even friends during our last presidential election. It was awful and some folks were even in tears.
So, if you decide to use it, do so with caution. I would not post personal pictures of you, your home, your trips and never let them know you are on vacation for a period of time. Too many bad things have happened.
Facebook is a good way to locate long lost friends, keep up with new ones, make new friends, but, again, do so with caution and do not share too much information. You can set up tight privacy settings on your account, and that seems to help.

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