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KarenNoCA, U had a similar experience to mine during my very brief sojourn into FB. I

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opened an account early on to see what all the hype was about. I never posted my picture (evidently it wasn't a requirement at the onset), but it wasn't long before I began receiving E-mail "reminders" that so-and-so's birthday was coming up, and I should wish them a happy day. I initially assumed that FB had associated me w/ family, friends and acquaintances whose FB sites I had visited and whom I had friended.

But then I began receiving birthday reminders for people I didn't recognize. What the heck? I finally figured out FB was accessing my entire E-mail address book because some of those reminders were for individuals I had catered for 10 years earlier and had not had any interaction with since, but I still had their E-mail addresses sitting in my on-line address book. Those reminders ramped up to my receiving 10 or more about every other day! Good grief.

After much hair pulling trying various way to get this to stop, the way I finally managed to eliminate the reminders and deluge of E-mail from FB was to close down the FB account AND close down that old E-mail account. I have not set foot in the big black hole called FB ever since!

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