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Sugar Cookie Taste Test results are in: here's how the game went:

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1. Sandy and I are former roommates, back when I had a waist and eyebrows. She's a talented graphic artist and is married to a clever computer geek. They live in CA. Sandy designs so her vision is highly tuned. Her husband likes to analyze things: he's into the analytics of wine tasting, beer brewing, and cigar-smoking: fun stuff that can be quantified and qualified.

2. I've been sending Sandy "Penny's sugar cookies" since the recipe was first posted at Gail's Swap. I'm not a sugar cookie person myself...if chocolate or peanut butter atoms aren't included, the nuclear force required to grab one is minimal for me.

3. I asked--and you provided--a new selection of sugar cookie recipes. Thank you!

4. I scaled down most of the recipes to 1 cup (or less of) flour and used vanilla-bean paste in ALL the cookies for some measure of consistency.

5. If cookie included butter (and not all did), I used the same KerryGold butter.

6. I rolled all the cookies out to 1/4", cut them with the same cutter and left them all plain in order for taste to be the determining factor.

I included 3 cookies each from 4 recipes, a small jar of "Sugar Baby Icing" and some sprinkles. Again, I wanted the plain cookie to be the determining factor.

And actually, all I expected was "I liked X best."

But then I received this: (see next post)


Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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