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Posted to Thread #30563 at 8:50 pm on Oct 22, 2018

Now that the domain update is completed, here is notice of what is coming next. (link to previous notice below)

Some members have already started using the development site to upload photos. The next step in updating, is moving the development site over to be the root and live site for our community. Here are some of the reasons to do this:

1) New /updated/ improved - better features. (This will include a new private messaging system).
2) Modern code means updates, fixes, changes are exponentially easier to get done.
3) Blog for any regular member that wants one.
4) New recipe system. Tool for adding, collecting, sharing recipes with modern features for adding photos and other media and elegant design - looks great! I will ask some members to test this out. If you want to test it, drop me an email.
5) Long term the plan will be full integration with the recipe swap making it easier to do things like integrate pictures into post and share with other members and with other sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

None of this means that the Recipe Swap as it exists now will see any immediate changes. The new elements are optional for the foreseeable future. The phase after this next one will include migrating the other forums to a new forum system. The Recipe Swap (forum) will remain the same but the other forums will be integrated into a new and improved system that is fully integrated with all of the new features.

Any questions you can post here or email me direct:

Link: Finerkitchens Recipe Swap changes

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