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Posted to Thread #30555 at 4:18 pm on Oct 23, 2018

A lot of preparation will be done in the weeks before. Fruitcakes, cordials, cherry bourbons are done. I"m polishing a few pieces of silver here and there right now (BTW, I've done 3 polishings on the Samovar and it is really starting to look stunning--we'll be using it for the Christmas Tea Party this year. ) The decorating of the house will start the day after Thanksgiving (which we aren't hosting, so no mess or company to worry about). We'll spend that long weekend throwing up the decorations. We'll start on the cookies and candies the beginning of December. I'll make the cranberry relish, cheese straws, spiced nuts, and spreads, the week before. Table will be set, punches mixed up, breads, cakes and pies made several days before. And don't forget, I will have lots of help available for all the peeling, cleaning, chopping, slicing,etc. Hopefully it will be cold that week since the garage off the kitchen turns into a very large walk-in refrigerator when it gets below mid 30's. A huge help.

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