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Richard in Cincy

Good stock is the foundation of any good meal worth its bother...

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Posted to Thread #30567 at 12:44 pm on Oct 25, 2018

For big dinners I start out a week ahead to make my stock with pounds of bones, meat scraps, and veg. It is simmered for days, strained, clarified until it is basically aspic and solid at room temp. It goes in nearly every dish for a German dinner, from the salad to soup to sauces, etc

It is the foundation to build the flavors on. The flimsy colored salt water in the cans need not apply at my house.

Side note: I was looking at an early 20th C Imperial Russian cookbook (also the source of the Russian Potato Casserole) and they went to extremes to build bold stocks, because like the Germans and other Central/Eastern Europeans, those stocks would also serve as the soup course for large meals with a garnish or two added. In one stock recipe that went on with pounds of meat, bones, and veg, after the inital batch had been simmered for hours and strained, another couple pounds of beef were chopped up and added to the already rich broth to simmer and "enrich" the stock.

Oh those 19th European palace kitchens, restraint and frugality were not their forte.

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