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Richard in Cincy

Moroccan Chicken Soup

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Posted to Thread #30570 at 1:04 pm on Oct 26, 2018

Like I said, I want to make every recipe in the High Cafe Cookbook. This is an amazing soup.

What I love about this recipe are the spices are at Richard levels. No adjusting necessary. Wimpy teaspoonfuls of herbs or spices usually turn into tablespoons when I'm tearing through a recipe. No need for that here!

Also, using a store bought rotissierie chicken is a great time saver, but, no stock. It would be a great time saver, but since I work at home I sent ahead and roasted a bird, putting some water in the bottom of the pan under the rack. Then let the chicken cool, pcked it, put the carcass back into the roasting pan in the pan juices (no rack) and baked it for an hour with more water to get the stock for the soup.


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