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Two questions I'm just going to suck up my shame and ask:

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Posted to Thread #30573 at 2:07 pm on Oct 28, 2018

Q #1: When I flip out a Daisy Martinez flan, how do I keep it from sticking to the plate when I try to slice and serve? Because the last one I made did exactly that. Looked perfect, but then the surface touching the plate (the original top) resolutely stuck. I mean STUCK. It wasn't pretty and my creds as a baker went steadily downhill as I tried to cut and serve each cracked piece.

On the other hand, once they started eating it, no one cared how it looked. But I do.

So...another flan is chilling in the refrigerator. Any suggestions?

Q #2: I'm going to try a cookie that requires Ammonium Carbonate (Baker's Ammonia). It is NOT for a Springerle cookie, which was the last time I used this stuff. I want the crispness this product promises and have read to disperse by whisking through the flour OR to dissolve in water (hot? cold?) and add with butter.

I don't remember which method I used back then, but I disliked the Springerle cookie, so never thought again about using the Ammonium Carbonate. Now I want to.

So...any suggestions? T&T methods?

PS: My product is from Lorann Oils Gourmet.

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