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I’ve noticed there are two kinds sold here, one labeled chuck and one labeled shoulder. The latter

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generally looks a bit leaner to me. Years ago when chuck was sold bone-in, I bought something called an arm roast that had a round bone in it. It made a wonderful pot roast. The alternative was a seven-bone roast that was fattier, IMO.

Cook’s Illustrated recipes often call for chuck-eye roast. They look more evenly marbled without big globs of fall. I have never seen anything with that label. I’ve asked questions a couple of times, got blank looks. Another cut I love for pot roast is chuck top blade, but I don’t see them here, except sliced and sold as flat iron steaks and seldom see the steaks. Don’t know where all those cuts have gone.

I watched that segment of the kitchen and agree that was a lovely looking pot roast. I usually tie the cuts I buy.

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